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Progressive Dinner Ride
Sunday, October 26th 11:00 a.m.
We all gather at the starting house at 11:00 a.m. for appetizers and begin our ride around town eating a different course at various volunteer hosts' homes. We usually tally around 25 miles and at least 5 pounds for the day.

Missoulians on Bicycles (MOBI) is a nonprofit organization established to promote cycling in western Montana. Since 1976 the bike club has hosted the Tour of the Swan River Valley-TOSRV West and the Western Montana Hill Climb Championships. Join MOBI

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 7:00 p.m. at Adventure Cycling Association meeting room, 150 E. Pine.

Progressive Dinner Ride

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Sunday, October 26th, 2014 This fall MOBI tradition is a fun, social, moveable feast. We all gather at the starting house at 11:00 a.m. for appetizers and begin our ride around town eating a different course at various volunteer hosts' homes. We usually tally around 25 miles and at least 5 pounds for the day. Everyone contributes part of the meal. If you would like to participate contact Lech Szumera at 207-1225 or lszumera(at)gmail.com. You can volunteer your home as a stop or be assigned your part of a meal. Progressive Dinner venues are Appetizer, Soup (at Lech's house), Salads and Breads, Main Course, and finally Dessert.

38th Annual

Western Montana Hill Climb Championships


Hill Climb Sunday, October 5th 2014

Course Record Holder Joe Lemire is back after 27 years

  • Thirty-six cyclists came to the starting line for this year’s Hill Climb. Temperatures climbed into the mid sixties during the event making for ideal conditions.

  • Lewis Eliot of Arizona took first place in the men’s division with a 13:28. Lewis first rode the Hill Climb in 1992 when he set a record for the 12 and under category that still stands today. Second place went to Joe Lemire of California with a 14:23, setting a new record for the men’s 65-74 year category. Joe also owns the 35-44 year category record that he set in 1987, and the course record (12:54) that still stands.

  • In the women’s division 17-year old Molly Hamilton of Bozeman took first place with a 16:39, a new record for the women’s 15-17 year category. Second place went to Sarah Raz with a 19:05.

  • Sally Stansberry set a new record of 23:52 in the women’s 65-74 year category.

  • Liz Ann Kudrna, of Bozeman, estabished a record of 46:39 for the women’s handcycle category. Now only two women’s records need to be established: Unicycle and High Wheel.

  • The climb went smoothly thanks to the efforts of the crew of volunteers that put it together. Julie Huck was chief registrar assisted by Rob and Jennifer Milyko, and Wayne Vandeberg. Rob Milyko was course marshal at the starting line. Timing at the top was done by Jake Flaherty and Derek Gallagher under the direction of Dick Lane. Gage Poore was course marshal at the finish line. Geoff McMillion took care of prize distribution. Wayne Vanderberg arranged for refreshments at the at the top.

  • Of course, we want to thank Missoula Bicycle Works for the use of their shop for registration.


JUNIOR WOMEN (15-17 years)  
1-Molly Hamilton (Bozeman) (new record) 16:39
SENIOR WOMEN (18-34 years)  
1-Sarah Raz 19:05
VETERAN WOMEN (35-44 years)  
1-Emily Walter 21:22
2-Kim Seiber (Lolo) 24:43
3-Jessie Thomas 28:30
WHEELMASTER WOMEN (65-74 years)  
1-Sally Stansberry (new record) 23:35
1-Liz Ann Kudrna (Bozeman) (new record) 46:39
2-Sherene Rice (Bozeman). 78:50

NEW RIDER MEN (12 and under)  
1-Odin Berryman 45:28
JUNIOR MEN (15-17)  
1-Kai Stern 23:52
SENIOR MEN (18-34 years)  
1-Lewis Elliot (Arizona) (2013 winner) (12 & under record holder) 13:28
2-Josh Tack (2005, 2008, 2009 winner) 14:32
3-Michael Lessard 14:56
4-Ryan Merrill-Johnson 18:00
5-Aidan Kendall 18:10
6-Alex Strickland 18:16
7-Austin Gilbert 18:20
8-Alex Shafer (Great Falls) 19:22
VETERAN MEN (35-44 years)  
1-Rob Remmers 18:06
2-John Sieber (Lolo) 18:21
3-David Barth* 18:42
4-Jake Besmer 27:30
MASTER MEN (45-54 years)  
1-Derek Baggerly 14:44
2-Dave Macklin 21:19
GRAND MASTER MEN (55-64 years)  
1-Laird Erman 19:17
2-Steven Palmieri (Polson) 19:39
3-Chris Muste 21:04
4-Mike Gilbert 22:01
WHEEL MASTER MEN (65-74 years)  
1-Joe Lemire (CA) (1987 winner) (course record holder) (new record) 14:23
2-Howard Hickingbotham 19:23
3-Bill Elliot (Billings) 23:01
4-Greg Siple* 65:01
1-Jon Muir (unicycle record holder) 26:43
2-Ed Higgins 45:13

1-Meg Rogosienski/Ryan Witicher 22:36

*denotes MOBI member

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