Missoulians on Bicycles (MOBI) is a nonprofit organization established to promote cycling in western Montana. Since 1976 the bike club has hosted the Tour of the Swan River Valley-TOSRV West and the Western Montana Hill Climb Championships. Join MOBI


MOBI Holiday Party

Featuring a special presentation -

Tasmanian Honeymoon on Two Wheels

6:00pm, Wednesday, December 7 :
Spirit of Peace Church.
506 Toole Ave, Missoula, MT.

You don’t have to be a member, just come and enjoy! The bike club will provide beverages and utensils for the potluck portion. We ask you to bring something to share. As a suggestion we base this item on the first letter of your last name:

A-F Appetizers
G-L Side or main dish
M-R Dessert
S-Z Salad or main dish

Tasmanian Honeymoon


How would 2 people who met in a biking group in Missoula want to spend their honeymoon? On a bike trip, of course! Come see pictures and hear stories about a bicycle honeymoon trip across Tasmania.

40th Annual

Western Montana Hill Climb Championships Results

Download the hill climb results flyer

Hill Climb

Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016

Mazza and Wade take honors

Alisa Wade, Women’s Winner
Dan Mazza, Men’s Winner
Paralympian Megan Fisher.
Albert Stephan.


JUNIOR WOMEN (15-17 years)  
1-Ella McMillion 33:52
SENIOR WOMEN (18-34 years)  
1-Megan Fisher 18:48
2-Caitlyn Lewis 24:35
3-Rachel Huff-Dorid 28:57
4-Emma Wimmer 29:17
VETERAN WOMEN (35-44 years)  
1-Alena Lovi-Borgmann 20:44
MASTER WOMEN (45-54 years)  
1-Alisa Wade 18:38
2-Caitlin Borgmann 22:58
3-Bridget McMillion 35:37
GRAND MASTER WOMEN (55-64 years)  
1-Kathy Pierandozzi (winner 1993) 25:33
WHEEL MASTER WOMEN (55-64 years)  
1-Kathleen Wills* 36:00

1-Gabriel Shipley (Polson) 15:28
SENIOR MEN (18-34 years)  
1-Dan Mazza (winner 2015) 13:58
2-Jesse Carnes 15:10
3-Robert Mazza 15:29
4-Noah Sohl 16:15
5-Alex Strickland 18:27
6-Travis Dorid 25:04
7-Nate Goodburn 25:12
VETERAN MEN (35-44 years)  
1-Josh Tack (winner 2005, 2008 & 2009) 14:51
2-Russell Schneider (Whitefish) 15:56
3-Jason McMackin 20:59
MASTER MEN (45-54 years)  
1-Derek Baggerly 14:17
2-John Umsted 16:32
3-Dave Macklin* 21:40
GRAND MASTER MEN (55-64 years)  
1-Dan Funsch 16:39
2-Tim Ibey* 20:43
3-Chris Muste 20:58
4-Alan Dohmen* 21:43
5-Albert Stephan* 22:25
6-David Chapman 22:49
7-John D.Lovi 27:37
8-Hal Christensen 27:57
WHEEL MASTER MEN (65-74 years)  
1-Greg Siple* 62:42
1-Ed Higgins 35:40
1-Bob Brophy* (Hamilton) 53:51

1-Erin Barstow/Colin Woodron 23:21

*denotes MOBI member

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