TOSRV West Liability Agreement

Representation and Acknowledgment

I hereby represent that I am in good physical condition for TOSRV West. I understand that the route is challenging and not chosen for its safety. I understand this is a noncompetitive event and not a race. I further represent that I have the ability and the equipment to handle the route and the weather. I agree to wear a helmet designed for bicycle riding and I am aware that a Snell or ASTM-approved helmet is REQUIRED and a rearview mirror is recommended.

I understand that if I withdraw from the event for any reason, my entry fee will not be refunded.

Release from Liability

In consideration of acceptance of this registration, by signing this release (parent or guardian, if registrant is under 18 years of age), I hereby release for myself and my kin, and waive any claims of action I may have against the Missoulians On Bicycles, Inc., its officers, directors, members, agents and all other persons or entities participating in TOSRV West from all liability arising out of injury to persons or property, and any loss, damages or expenses arising out of my participation in TOSRV West. APPLICATION NOT VALID WITHOUT ACCEPTING WAIVER BY SELECTING "Yes, I accept waiver" BOX ON NEXT PAGE!

By moving to the next page, I acknowledge I have read the above agreement and accept the terms.

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