TOSRV Haiku - 2012

1st Place

Blue skies and sunshine

Twenty one of forty two

TOSRV West is the best

            Bryan Anderson #83

            Spokane, WA


            2nd Place

Evaro Hill looms

Agonizing, aching quads

Two two six, smiling

            Eric Anderson #85

            Great Falls, MT


            Honorable Mention

Are you tough enough for TOSRV West?

Are you strong enough to ride the crest

Of wooded hills and stream-filled land?

Oh yes!  Bring out the marching band!

We’re blessed to ride cycling’s very best!

            Keren Wales #112

            Alberton, MT


Road stretches ahead

My thighs & butt are aching

Lemon Bars lure me

            Julie Huck #7

            Missoula, MT


Electric horsemen

Supple eel and willow wild

Describes the feeling

            Tobin Shearer #29

            Missoula, MT


The sun is hidden

Here comes the sun take off shirt

The sun shines on spokes

            Mike O’Hagan #72

            Idaho Falls, ID





Man this food is good

Weird that I feel so bloated

Hey look!  There’s more food.

            Jake Hansen #30

            Missoula, MT


My wife’s butt was cute

But when her head hit the ground

It looked like it hurt

            Jeff Johnson  #39

            Bozeman, MT


Fast feet move my bike

Great fuel at every feed stop

May the sun shine on!

            Mike O’Hagan #72

            Idaho Falls, ID


Out and back or loop

TOSRV survives forty two

We are all tired and smile

            Diana Bjorgen #87

            Missoula, MT


Pace line riding fast

Mission Mountains beautiful

Where is the pace line

            Carrie Gaffney #38

            Bozeman, MT


Crazy pickups roar

Ignatius church peace welcome

Bob Marshall knew us

            Robert Van Dorn #109

            Walla Walla, WA


Chamois butter, Ew

One hundred thirty miles

Chamois butter, Ah